10 Insanely Clever Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Space

Just because the bathroom is small, doesn’t mean you can’t make a big statement about it. Small bathrooms don’t always have to be dark, uninspiring, and boring just like how they’re usually portrayed in the media. With the perfect combination of shapes, colours and finishes, you can actually turn your small space into something panache.

The latest in small bathroom designs introduce bath ideas that are fresh and revolutionary, challenging all that you know and think about bathrooms. Think floating cabinet doors and sinks. Or floor-to-ceiling extravagant wallpapers. Exciting? Scroll down below and see what i-renovate have discovered, get ready to open your mind to all things possible for your small bathroom.

  1. That Small Bathroom with Floating Vanities

Source: freshome.com/small-bathroom-design/

Source: freshome.com/small-bathroom-design/

Besides making the bathroom look visually bigger, having a floating vanity frees up space for small items. The minimalist styled bathroom above gives you a quick inspiration to how floating sinks and vanities can make a dramatic difference to an otherwise clunky looking space. You might also consider having round vanities to get away from sharp corner hip hazards!

2. That Small Bathroom with a Luxurious Accent

Who says you can't make a small bathroom look like a million bucks? With the perfect choice of accent lighting fixtures, tiles, or shower doors, you can easily have a luxurious update to your bathroom. This contemporary wallpaper from Hygge and West combined with gold brass accents create a visually interesting small bathroom.

3. That Small Bathroom with Mix and Match Tiles

Source: instagram.com

Source: instagram.com

One of the best ways to make a small bathroom look appealing is by mixing tiles. We know that re-tiling your bathroom may sound like a big task, but when you think about the pay off, it’s actually well worth it. If you’re thinking about what could be the best tiling option for a small bathroom, we suggest you go for large tiles. Large tiles can trick the brain to thinking the space is bigger than it is. Consider this stunning modern bathroom from beckiowen’s Instagram. The brick bond pattern used on the walls visually extends the space combined with large hexagon tiles that appear to almost push the walls out.

4. That Small Bathroom with an Interesting Wallpaper

Andrew Williment - Ring Terrace-1.jpg

True - wallpapers can cost a lot of money. But the good thing about having a small bathroom is you won’t need to buy much in order to make a bold style. We love this floor-to-ceiling extravagant wallpaper inside the powder room of an auckland home. This wallpaper turns the entire bathroom into a piece of art.

5. That Small Bathroom with a Walk in Shower

Source: bhg.com

Source: bhg.com

Forget about adding a tub if showering is your go-to bathing option. Instead, create a spacious walk in shower to save tons of space. Have a look at this walk in shower from Better Homes & Gardens. The marble walls and tiled flooring create a cohesive bathroom and give the perception of a larger space. The seamless glass door also opens up and adds more value to the bathroom.

6. That Small Bathroom with “Hygge” Style


Hygge is in trend right now and this breezy, rustic style bathroom from Portugal is the kind of bathroom design you’d like to steal if you’re looking for a relaxed bathroom space. The mirror is by Ikea and the floor is poured concrete. The natural lighting makes the rest of the bathroom feel more open and spacious. This is perfect if you’re looking for a bathroom that can act as a refuge of peace.

7. That Small Bathroom with a Clever Storage

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Want a great storage tip? Ladder shelving can be an efficient use of space and will make your bathroom less bulky. This bathroom from a Californian apartment, for example, used ladder shelves as a strategic storage for towels and bathroom knick knacks.

8. That Small Bathroom with Plants

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Looking for a nice way to breathe life into a small space?  Consider getting plants! Small bathrooms can sometimes feel claustrophobic but with a tiny effort of adding some greenery, you can elevate your bathroom style to something far from basic.

9. That Small Bathroom with Mirrors

Source: thespruce.com

Source: thespruce.com

Aside from large tiles, mirrors also do a fantastic job at creating the illusion of having more space. The powder room above, by Randy Heller Design, shows just how mirrors can instantly make a room much larger through the use of an unframed, wall-to-wall mirror. The mirror sits between the wall and crown moldings, making it look like a built-in part of the bathroom.

10. That Small Bathroom with a Luxury Tub


Think you can’t fit a tub into a small bathroom? Here’s proof you can! This relaxing Mediterranean-styled bathroom pushes the tub perfectly on the corner and features a cozy looking etagere used to store all bathroom necessities. The plain white wall paint ensures everything remains dainty but sophisticated.

Which of these small bathroom design trends would you like to try?

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Emily Willis