Choosing the Right Tap Ware Style for your Bathroom

Tapware selections can often be forgot when it comes to bathroom redesign, often overshadowed by vanities, lighting fixtures and tiles. But despite being thought of as a small item in the room, tapware has the power to create a notable impact.  With the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality, a faucet can be just what an old-looking bathroom needs to achieve instant high style. Read below for your personal handy guide in choosing the right tapware to help bring character and life to your bathroom!

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There are lots of style options available when it comes to tapware designs. Are you more into creating a contemporary look or are you leaning more towards a vintage style?

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If you’re after a modern look, the obvious choice is a matte black tapware. This has been a classic favourite for years now and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. Matte black tap ware offers a highly versatile finish that suits a variety of styles, such as contemporary, monochromatic and industrial. They are the epitome of an edgy yet elegant modernist vibe and can offer an instant fashion statement.

Here is a quick list of other tapware style choices:

  1. Vintage Glamour

    Without a doubt warmer toned metallics like brass, copper and rose gold look elegant for a vintage-styled bathroom. These tapware selections are in vogue and there’s nothing like having classy fixtures to dial up the sophistication. Pair this up with marble wall tiles or natural materials like wood and you’re sure to have an elegant effect.

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2. Timeless Appeal

Go for taps with classic lines. This design can offer either a modern or traditional look but are the safest choice for an everlasting appeal. Polished chrome gives a clean, crisp and simplistic look that is timeless.

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3. Spa-like Drama

For a zen experience, try integrating the aesthetics of a beautifully designed faucet. Often this style comes with sophisticated geometric designs and with functional water flows. Take a look at this tapware by Zuchetti.KOS showcasing its ergonomic organic handle.

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Size matters so the you are shopping, make sure you have the correct measurements as getting the tapware size wrong can negatively affect the flow and functionality of your bathroom. Things to consider are:

  • the size of your vanity

  • height and width of your sink

  • length of tap’s spout

Think smart when it comes to selecting the appropriate tapware size and choose according to your bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom, go for a wall-mounted tap to free up space, and if you have a large space, go for a long gooseneck style mixer tap.


Consider your Priorities

Designing a bathroom is never an easy task. So ensure you have considered all things first before buying your taps. Understanding who uses the bathroom and evaluating different needs can help narrow down your choices and make the tapware selection much easier! Here are nuggets to help unclog the block:

  • Do you have your bathroom all to yourself or is it a bathroom for the family?

  • Will elderly people use it or young children?

  • Are you looking for a luxurious place to start and end your day?

  • What improvements would you like to have on your tapware?

  • Will your tapware selection work with your current vanity?

If you’re still unsure of what tapware to buy, we at i-renovate would be delighted to help. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect faucet for your bathroom and can give you suggestions to give your bathroom style the wow effect it needs! For more bathroom inspirations, check out our gallery.

Emily Willis