Top 10 tips to consider when looking at renovating a bathroom

We understand renovating your bathroom can be a tough challenge. Unless you’re a professional who does it every day, a remodeling sounds like a headache waiting to happen. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end for your bathroom dream. The key might just lie in having a working knowledge of what to expect and consider.

Here we’ve listed a cheat sheet for you to help bring that bathroom dream of yours to life. Get inspired and start making that bathroom dream project reality!

Layout your ideal bathroom style

This will serve as your overall blueprint. Sketch everything from where the door is to the toilet placement and tub. Take into account where the plumbing fixtures are located. Is there a partition wall in your bathroom? Is there enough space for you to move around?

Bathroom renovations

Take note of bathroom measurements

Knowing the exact measurement for your bathtub or toilet is a great way for you to plan your remodelling project effectively. This way, you’ll have an idea of how much space is needed for each bathroom item.

Opening windows is not enough

Air pollution, mold and moisture are things you definitely don’t want in your home - especially in your bathroom! So it’s best to have a fan that vents to the outside to keep your room well ventilated.

Bathroom renovation

Don’t DIY the tile

Don’t even think about it unless you’ve done it before. Because once a crooked tile or uneven grouting happens, it cannot be unseen. A good tiler will work faster and will be able to correctly give your bathroom the tile renovation it deserves! So step away from the tiles and leave the job to the experts.

Refresh with Color

Choosing the right color for your bathroom can make a lot of difference! Depending on your style, you can choose paint or decor colors that can change the entire scape of your bathroom.If you want to go for a traditional look, creams and whites are the best options. For something fresh and cheerful, go for a mint and white shade. Add a contemporary look by using black and white shades.

Bathroom makeover

Light is life!

Aside from practical conditions, lighting is important to make your bathroom look its best. Want to create an ambiance that looks and feels just like a relaxing spa room? Plan a lighting scheme. You can choose from a variety of modern lighting solutions like spots, light strips or pendant lights. Just be sure to choose a lighting that achieves the ambience you want to create -  whether you want to take a dramatic turn or want something that looks sleek.


Add some personality! Accessorize your bathroom and add finishing touches like having some wet-loving plants or a silk floral (if there’s no natural light available) into the room. Candles are also a great addition for throwing that nice fragrance. You can also consider adding towels or shower curtains that matches the theme you’re working on.

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Don’t cram in all the shiny decors that catch your eye

It’s easy to get carried away with trying different bathroom decors or fixtures (especially with all those beautiful options) but don’t forget to keep things simple. Your bathroom should be a space of relaxation so don’t squeeze in excessive accessories or for example, a bathtub if you don’t have enough space. Doing so will only leave you with a cluttered bathroom look. This is something you don’t want to end up with after all your re-modeling efforts!

Getting the vanity placement right

Picking out a vanity comes with a set of requirements based on your space. Make sure you choose a size that leaves enough space for traffic lanes and doesn’t mess up with bathroom door or shower door swing. Also take into account the height, storage and plumbing.


Maximize Storage

If you’re space is challenged, you can look into having a smaller bathtub or even go far as to converting your tub to a shower. Adding pull out drawers into a cabinet is another easy upgrade too!

Whatever your design, make sure you take some time to think and get it exactly right. Bathrooms can be expensive so call in the experts once you know what you want and talk it through with them. Remember they are skilled and experienced and may be able to come up with solutions that you never thought was possible.

Why not give Andy at i-renovate a call and let’s see how we can work together.

Emily Willis