Bathroom Technology from around the world

Technology is now everywhere we go and bathrooms are no exception! Gone are the days of having a simple shower spray, technology now allows people to make the best out of ordinary things - showers have their own personal settings and toilets have smarter functionalities we never thought possible!

Check out below the latest bathroom technology trends that will blow your mind.

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The Chromotherapy Bath

This one’s otherwise known as colour therapy, where lights or colours are used in tubs or showers to promote relaxation. Some call this purely marketing but science backs up this “magical” bathroom technology with the fact that colours indeed have psychological effects that soothe the mind and body! For example, violet colour relaxes muscles and calms the mind. Blue calms the nerves. Green for resting the eyes and softening the mood.

This is a rising trend in New Zealand as more and more Kiwis start to embrace its concept. There are showers available today fitted with chromotherapy and hydrotherapy baths that incorporate coloured underwater lights adjustable to suit any of your mood colour choice.

Vanity Mirror TV

Vanity Mirror with technology

There are lots of options today for having TVs in your bathroom. But this latest display technology from Samsung lets you view traffic delays or catch up with the morning news whilst you’re busy fixing your tie or getting your makeup done - in front of the mirror!

This technology is a mirror that doubles as an OLED display solution. It can display weather news, get you some traffic update and even lets you browse the internet without falling behind your daily prep!

Towel Warming Drawer

Towel Warming Drawer

This high-tech drawer keeps your towels toasty just when you need it! So instead of the traditional way of hanging your towel on a rack, you can now get an evenly heated towel simply by folding it and storing it into this futuristic cabinet!

Shower Out Loud

Showers are now becoming more sophisticated than ever! Did you know there are now showers available that can blast your favorite music straight through the showerhead? Yep - it’s real and it’s here! Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead is the best example for this as it lets you play music and podcasts through wireless speakers installed on the showerhead! So now you can take your shower stage performance on a higher level!

Self-Cleaning Toilets

This is history for germaphobes! Days of scrubbing the toilet bowl may come to a close as self-cleaning toilets and antimicrobial seats are now entering the market! Technologies like SpinX, the toilet-cleaning robot, free people from the often unwanted task of toilet cleaning.

The SpinX toilet self-sanitizes both the toilet bowl and seat in just 90 seconds.

Kohler’s intelligent toilet seats also feature high-tech functionalities like having a heated seat adjusted according to optimal comfort  plus a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the nightlight on without disturbing your nighttime vision! Another amazing feature? It has a self-deodorizing seat!

It’s high time to get your bathroom updated. Which of the current bathroom technologies above would you like to have in your bathroom? If you’re ready to get your bathroom remodelling project done or just want to get some ideas on how to do it right, feel free to send us a message here.

Emily Willis