Importance of having a Project Manager when renovating a house

Are you considering a renovation for your home? Have all the ideas but unsure of how to put things into motion? You’re probably in need of a Project Manager.


What can a Project Manager do?

A Project Manager helps in organising, managing, and controlling timelines and processes for your home renovation. This is the key person responsible for making sure you get what you want for your dream house. From the basics of picking out tiles to the more complex job of building a home extension, Project Managers are professionals who provide a level of experience necessary to complete the renovation process successfully.

Here’s a quick list of how Project Managers can make a great difference in your home renovation.

Plan the whole process

Project Managers can create a thorough analysis of the timing and phasing of your project. With a Project Manager by your side, you are assured that each of the steps are completed effectively to make things run as smoothly as possible. Project Managers take the time to plan out the ENTIRE home renovation from the minor to the major details. Imagine if you didn’t have a proper planning for your renovation process - things could easily fall into trouble and in the end cause you extra time spent - or worse - extra money. In short, Project Managers make life easier!

Better Work, Less Stress

DIY sounds like a lot of fun but once things go out of your control, you’d wish you hired a professional. So why not do it right away? Having a Project Manager saves you from all the stress and time-consuming work especially when you’re a first-timer with renovations. You can get a good night sleep knowing that a pro is managing your renovation and is committed to accomplish things according to the plan. You can also get expert advice on how to improve your initial layouts or styles.

Keep the Budget in Control

Project Managers are able to identify costs for your home renovation starting from the design stage. With a Project Manager handling the job, you will have a proper quote based on the renovation requirements you need. The Project Manager can also guide you on overall fees or on how you could make adjustments to the plans should your wish-list fall out of your current budget.


Weed Out Unrealistic Expectations

When remodeling a space for the first time, it’s normal to get excited with all the possibilities and ideas you could have for your house. But a good Project Manager must be able to identify which of your expectations are possible and which ones are not. This planning helps you, as the homeowner, gain a better sense of the-end result.

Effective Team Management

Many home renovation projects will need a lot of experts - engineers, architects, builders, electricians, plumbers and of course painters and often carpet fitters. This is a lot of people to manage and takes a lot of time to coordinate - especially if something goes wrong with the reno. That is where a project manager is worth their weight in gold as it’s the Project Manager's responsibility to manage each person, get them to the job when required and holds them accountable for each job.

At iRenovate, we guide our clients from the initial stage of planning up until the job is completed. We provide full, thorough advice on how we make things run efficiently and within budget. If you’re looking to find the perfect partner for your home remodeling, call us on 021 792 782 or drop us an email at

Emily Willis