Start renovating your bathroom in 5 easy steps

Here’s a fact: the bathroom may be one of the smallest areas in your house. But when it comes to home renovation, its complexity should never be underestimated.

Think about it - renovating bathrooms actually presents a highly-labour intensive job for homeowners. What with all the plumbing, electrics, tiles, heating and cabinetry happening at the same, and often in a space that’s quite small and tight!

But don’t bite your fingernails and get stressed just yet - there’s an easy solution to the bathroom renovation dilemma. Turns out, a simple rulebook for bathroom renovations is available and it reveals that a smooth process can be achieved. Simply take a step by step approach and do one thing at a time. Whilst there will always be some hiccups along the way the best thing to do is to keep calm and when in doubt ask for help from the pros.

Read on for a step-by-step approach you can use as your personal guide for your bathroom renovation project.

1. Research

This the most and exciting and fun part of the whole renovation process. Start pulling all your ideas and wish lists together and work out how you would like your bathroom to look. Perhaps you’re looking for something that infuses the color of the oceanside or another that’s nature-inspired with houseplants for decor or style?

There are unlimited resources online which you can use to gather inspiration. You can do a quick search on Google and start filling out your inspiration board in no time! Some of the websites you can get inspiration from include Pinterest, Instagram, or Houzz.

2. Planning

The next important step is turning your ideas into a work-in-progress. This is also where you can decide to put your project the hands of the experts aka Project Managers who can help organize everything for you and ensure the process goes according to plan. The Project Manager can also calculate the costs to give you a headstart on how much budget you should expect.

You will need to get your sketches, timeline, budget, and bathroom decor selection organized for this stage before moving on to the next one.

3. Pre-Construction

You now get to the part where you start defining the project timeline and sourcing the right people to do the job. Your bathroom renovation will likely require a band of professionals: electrician, plumber, tiler and builder. If you are not sure who to use then you can always consult with friends or family first for recommendations or you can hire a project manager who will already have trusted trades people that will be brought into the job when required.  

If you’re thinking of taking over one of all of these roles, the best advice we can give is to handle everything with caution. Unless you happen to be a trained professional, it’s can be tricky to take on the the plumbing by yourself. The bathroom is a small space where water and electricity meet - behind the wall is an expressway of pipes and wire, so be extra careful.  

Make sure that you also order your new bathroom fittings in plenty of time, the last thing you need is to be held up waiting for your new bathroom tiles or shower!

4. Construction

This is the stage where you roll up your sleeves and the actual work begins. A lot of things fall into this stage and this is when your project timelines and planning really get tested. Make sure that you have everything ready and on-hand prior to ripping out your old bathroom and be prepared to amend and change your timelines, as even the best made plans can change.

5. Project Completion

Now it’s time to celebrate with yourself or family for a job well done! Before officially signing off the project and marking it complete. We advise to keep a liability period with contractors in case there are defects observed within three months or any repairs or maintenance work needed. You should also keep warranty documents for some of the items you’ve purchased.

Get the Bathroom Look You Want

Having project renovations yourself can be great choice if you have all the time, knowledge and skills needed. However, If you haven’t renovated before, trying to learn on the job can be a tough challenge. It’s best to get help from the pros and let them do the magic for you. Talk to a Project Manager and consult them on how you can start your renovation the right way and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us for a free consultation and let's get this projected started.




Emily Willis