The Importance of Waterproofing a Bathroom Floor

When renovating your bathroom, the last thing you want is water dripping through your ceiling or walls! Bathrooms are obviously wet spaces by their very nature, so to avoid the horror of leaks and excess moisture build up, make sure you don’t cut corners and ensure you waterproof your bathroom floor properly?

FACT: The bathroom is one space in your house that has to be waterproof. This is a fundamental requirement when building or renovating your bathroom space. If you’re thinking of skipping this important step and heading straight away to buying your favourite tile designs and installing it pronto - DON’T. Inadequate waterproofing and wrong application only calls for future house damage and issues.

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The Why’s of Waterproofing

Unfortunately, many homeowners still don’t have their bathroom floors completely waterproofed. Instead of finding sufficient time for correct waterproof preparation, which is the kind of process that we do for our customers here, most omit waterproofing from the design completely or do so inadequately, resulting in poor workmanship. At i-Renovate, we understand that doing a job right is the most important thing to consider when renovating a bathroom. So before jumping into bathroom renovation, we strongly advise homeowners to understand the importance of waterproofing a bathroom first. Like all things in life, proper planning leads to greater success!

1. Say goodbye to leaks

Water seeping into your bathroom floor or walls is frustrating. It can cause terrible damage to a house that may keep you up in the middle of the night! When cracks develops in your floor - or even walls - water can easily start to seep through and soon manifest itself into damp ceilings or walls. Sounds like a nightmare? Things can actually get worse when drops of water form on lighting cables, as we all know water and electricity do not mix! With the corect waterproofing, however, you’ll have a watertight seal beneath floors/walls that will prevent this kind of damage happening.

2. Prevents rotting of structural timbers

Your bathroom may look fancy and fresh from the outside but are you sure it’s well kept on the inside? A waterproof flooring provides moisture-proof barrier around your bathroom space which can prevent water leaking through the top layer and penetrating wood, plaster or brick.

3. Keeping the warmth

Waterproofing your bathroom floor not only prevents leaks and mould from happening. It’s also a great insulator - especially during winter months. Having a waterproof floor helps keep the warmth in and will even go some way to reducing energy bills during winter seasons.

What if your bathroom tile is already installed?

If your tile is already installed and you know it’s not waterproofed, there’s no way to fully waterproof it unless you replace the tile and install a waterproof barrier. Trying to put a seal on the grout joints, may work for some time but it doesn’t fully protect it from leaks.

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Need Help Waterproofing your Bathroom Floor?

Bathroom waterproofing services is something that we consider when we are renovating a bathroom, we know the right people and we know the regulations around what is needed so if you are looking to update or renovate your bathroom give Andy at i-Renovate a call or take a look at our range of bathroom solutions here.




Emily Willis