Cool gadgets for your bathroom

Whether you are a person that likes things to be neat and tidy or a person that just likes cool things this blog is sure to have something that will inspire you. From an adapter for washing your hair in the bath to a cute toothpaste roll, here are some great gadgets for your bathroom.

Gadget #1: Flo Water Deflector

This is such a great gadget that is not only useful but adds some fun to bath time for little kids too. It can be slipped over the faucet of the bath and it will divert the water creating a small waterfall. Perfect for rinsing hair and also provides a great fun effect for the kids. It also has a bubble bath reservoir dispenser making it great for bubble baths!


Gadget #2: Toilet Paper Dispenser

Every bathroom has one, a toilet roll dispenser is a must in any bathroom so why not have one that is designed to make toilet paper look more interesting, this item will definitely add a fun touch to your bathroom. It’s a playful toilet tissue paper holder in the shape of a dog’s backside. A great fun gift or treat yourself to a new one when you renovate your bathroom.


Gadget #3: Toothpaste Dispenser

This is a great gadget for kids especially if they are not very enthusiastic about having to brush their teeth. This little guy makes squeezing out the toothpaste fun thus evoking them to want to brush heir teeth twice a day. It’s a great stocking filler for any dog lover too.


Gadget #4: Faucet Cover

If you have small children then you will know that bath time is supposed to be a nice calming experience just before they go to bed. However we when they are playing and hit their head on the tap it can turn into a bit of a crying fest. This is when this little fella can make all the difference. This faucet cover is not only cute but is very useful because it’s soft and it protects your baby’s head from accidental bumps in the tub. It features an adjustable fin strap and hook tail.


Gadget #5: ShowelGel Dispenser

Let’s finish with a fun gadget. This nose-shaped shower gel dispenser is very clever and playful. Put it on the wall and simply push whenever you need soap or shower gel. It’s also a great fun secret santa present!

Showergel dispenser.png
Emily Willis