The importance of bathroom lighting.

Lighting a bathroom is something that is often overlooked when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Not only are bathrooms notoriously prone to shadows and reflective surfaces they are often smaller spaces making it difficult to get the right light. Take a look at these suggestions if you are planning a remodel soon:

bathroom -lighting

Top tips for lighting your bathroom

There are many different types of lighting that can be used in a bathroom from LED downlights, pendant lights, sconce lights and skylights. Dependent on the size and ambience you want in your bathroom will depend on the lights you choose.

LED Downlights

Downlight’s do dispense a lot of light directly down, which can create shadows on your face. So the best way to take advantage of this is to place them between yourself and the mirror, rather than behind you - that way you ensure the light is angled onto the mirror, helping to reflect the light onto your face. It may also work to position downlights around the sides of the room rather than in the middle.

Bathroom Downlights

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights add warmth and depth to a bathroom and can create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. They can also act as a focal point and can complement most bathroom finishes.

Pay close attention to the height you hang your pendants – too low and they won’t throw adequate light, too high and they may not look right.

If you’ve got a bath then you might also want to use some pendant lights with a dimmer switch, creating the perfect atmosphere while you’re soaking.

Bathroom pendants

Lighting Sconces

This type of light is often used to highlight a feature or can be placed either side of a mirror. They do not produce a huge array of light but are an effective lighting option that comes in a variety of designs and colours that will suit almost any bathroom’s style.

Source: Bunnings Warehouse

Source: Bunnings Warehouse

Mirror Lights

Whether you choose to go for an illuminated mirror, such as backlit LED mirror, or a light above the mirror these are both a great addition to any bathroom. They provide the perfect light for applying makeup or having a shave.

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Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light and provide ventilation. They’re an energy-efficient solution that let daylight in without sacrificing your privacy. They are not always practical for some bathrooms but it is worth talking to your builder to see if it is an option.

Lighting is always important no matter what room it is in, so put some time and effort into what type is best for your home and remember to discuss the different options with your renovation team as they have years of experience and have the knowledge to help!

If you are planning a bathroom renovation this Winter - contact Andy at i-Renovate.

Emily Willis