Top 5 accessories in a bathroom

Accessories can make all the difference when finishing a room, and a bathroom is no exception. So we took our knowledge and experience of over 20 years and thought we would write a blog on the top 5 accessories we see in a bathroom after a renovation.

Top 5 accessories in a bathroom


Yes the shower glass squeegee is a must in any new bathroom renovation. Using a shower squeegee is the ideal solution to scraping away the grime left clinging to the shower glass, and is more effective than using a cloth or sponge. Keep your beautiful new shower clean and get yourself a squeegee. If possible you should also get one that comes with a hook so you can hang it for ease.


Towel Rack and Shelving

Maximize your bathroom's storage space with this easy to install shelf and towel rack. This accessory not only enables you to store extra towels, washcloths and other items but it also has 5 hooks where you can hang clothes or towels to keep everything off the floor.

Towel rack.jpg

Bin, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

All bathrooms need a bin and one with a flip top or foot pedal lid is advisable for most bathrooms. Make sure you know where it’s going to go before you buy it so you can get the perfect size. It doesn’t need to be big but just one that can hold a weeks worth of rubbish.

Usually when selecting your bin you will be offered a range of other accessories such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and the likes. These are also very useful items to have and a great idea that they all match and blend into your decor.

Bathroom accessories

Free Standing Vanity Mirror

Most of us will shower and get ready for the day in our bathroom. We will put on our deodorant, brush our hair and apply makeup. So a mirror is a top priority and one that is just added to the main fit out. But a free standing mirror is something that is becoming a big accessory on the bathroom renovation list. These days the vanity mirrors are slim and durable so can be put away in a drawer or left out on the vanity. .



Yes, we know it’s not something you might necessarily think about but plants in a bathroom can make all the difference. That added splash of green and that fresh feel of a living plant just adds that finishing touch to any bathroom renovation. Whether you go for a floor standing plant or a pot plant that drapes over a shelf, plants definitely bring a bathroom together and produce that wow factor!

plants in bathrooms.jpg

Of course there are many more accessories that people have in their bathrooms but these 5 are things are some the most common things we see in our role as bathroom renovators that make a difference. If you would like to know more about renovating your bathroom then please give us a call or drop us a line at

Emily Willis