Top Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2018

Renovating your bathroom may likely be next on your home remodeling list, However, when renovating this space there are definitely somethings to consider as it stands as your personal sanctuary. So, if you need inspiration to get your bathroom remodeling project rolling or just in the middle of making selections, we’ve rounded up the top bathroom renovation trends this year to inspire your style. 


Brass is back in a big way!

Hello warm golden tones! Warm metal faucets and fixtures are making a comeback as an overall home trend this year. The reason? They’re perfect in so many different style settings!

If you’re looking to keep your bathroom classic yet still stylish, brass/gold tone bathroom fixtures will be your new go to items. This tone is the perfect complement for grey paint colors

homeowners have today. So if you’re looking to add a dash of sophistication to your room, start by adding warm golden-toned items.

Bathroom renovations - brass-fittings

Or if your wanting a more modern architectural look try some of the new two tone metallic mixer’s and tapware with matte black and brushed rose gold or chrome and matte black. 

The Industrial Look

A modern and elegant design reminiscent of a New York City loft is now taking over bathrooms as well. Think brushed gold tapware, exposed rafters, brick tiled walls, reconditioned cast iron free standing baths tubs, basins with offset shelves or the use of polished concrete floors. Designers are now embracing the unique and imperfect style of rustic wood to warm the atmosphere. While some homeowners choose to DIY their bathroom for an upgrade like this, it’s always a good idea to contact a pro. Drop us an email and let's have a chat!

Source: - Innovative bathroom with glass walls in small London apartment [Design: Michaelis Boyd Associates]

Source: - Innovative bathroom with glass walls in small London apartment [Design: Michaelis Boyd Associates]

Vanity Lighting

The use of creative lighting techniques, fixtures and dimmers are on the trend to set a relaxing and elegant mood. Homeowners can experiment different styles and options including having light bars, wall sconces, LED strips or chandeliers. The idea here is to add both functionality, style and set the right mood to the bathroom. Something that enhances bathroom design and makes its overall ambiance pleasing.

i-renovate - bathroom-designs-and renovations


Smaller bathroom is in.

For some, having a luxurious, spacious bathroom with marble tiles and flooring may be a dream come true.

But large spaces aren’t always an option and bathroom trends are backing away from that as we’re leaning towards smaller bathrooms with focus on efficiency and small-scale luxury.

Practicality is in with compartments in drawers, cabinets and shelves being more sought after than ever.

So that in mind why not add an en-suite..




Yes, your bathroom can be techy too!

In today’s digital age, technology is present in almost every area of the house and the bathroom is no exception. Technologies like digital shower controls, where you can get the right setting for the temperature you like every time, are on the rise this year.

Source: Kohler Digital Showers

Source: Kohler Digital Showers

High-tech toilets with features like seat warmers, automatic lid openers that close before they flush, and multiple bidet functions, are also on the watch this year.

Plus the wireless music player that automatically turns on when the toilet lid is opened and shuts off when the lid is put back down is a new cool bathroom experience!

So if you are interested in learning more about any of these features and trends then don’t heistate to contact us at or give us a call and have a chat as we are so much more than just a bathroom renovation company we are a company that has knowledge experience and we care!

Emily Willis