5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Bathroom

It might be the smallest room in the house but it can also be the hardest to remodel or create. It needs to deliver a compact mix of both form and function. No easy thing, especially when it comes under extreme pressure to function efficiently at key times of the day.


Step #1 | Analysis

Take a good look at your space and familiarise yourself with all your pipework, along with ceiling and floor depths. These constraints will impact what you can and can’t do, so it pays to know your limits up front and cut down on time wasting! Knowing what elements can’t move then makes it easier to plan around these things.

Step #2 | Plans

Consider your bathroom's main functional zones - toileting/washing/storage. Now think about your must-have elements and then the nice-to-have's. You’ll be surprised how quickly you run out of space for all that’s on your list, but that’s all part of planning! Sometimes you have to find the compromise.

Create a floor plan and remember that all bathrooms consist of one, two or three wet walls and the most cost-effective plan is when everything ‘wet’ is on one wall - toilet, sink and shower.

Step #3 | Technicalities

Now you’ve got a bit of a plan, it’s time to consider the technicalities. Things like ventilation, drains, water lines, wiring, space between and around fixtures, and the position of windows can all impact on your final plans and might mean making some revisions. Nothing is insurmountable, but budget constraints may mean you avoid moving drains and pipes to make your plan work!


Step #4 | Practicalities

So the plan is all good and works with your existing pipework. It’s got the sign off from the whole family, but does it actually work? Is there enough space? What about if two people share the bathroom and one opens the shower door?  Is there room to get around? Consider where you will put a waste bin and a towel rail, rather than simply making them after-thoughts.


Step #5 | Design

OK - that’s it, the bathroom is going to work, so now you simply need to decide on the look you're after! This should be the fun bit, so enjoy it! Go around to as many bathroom supply stores as you can and grab ideas. Talk to your bathroom renovations specialists as they often have some great ideas and good contacts in the industry too.

Emily Willis